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Global Relief Initiative: Creating life-enhancing opportunities

Global Relief Initiative endeavours to promote human change on a global scale by supporting fellow charities be it financially or through the provision of services. Global Relief Initiative aims to support those living in impoverished areas as well as providing better life chances to those who are physically or mentally disadvantaged.

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Victory Gap Years

Global Relief Initiative is proud to sponsor and support two young people, Kara and Christian Nothnagel, on their mission to South Africa in order to help communities who are in need.

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New Charity - Pencils of Promise

2014 for GRI has begun with support being given to a new Charity; Pencils of Promise. Pencils of Promise is a global movement of passionate individuals who are committed to supporting a world with greater educational opportunity for all. At inception in 2008, a trip to Delhi left a mark on Adam Braun the charity’s founder to make a difference. A trip across more than 50 countries handing out pens and pencils across six continents led to powerful conversations with local parents and children across countless cultures and languages. It became clear that there was a need for an international nonprofit that was led by on-the-ground staff of locals and requiring village participation in each school across different countries to provide educational opportunity to those who needed it.

Pencils of Promise focus on building strong structures and sustainable education programs. By forming long-lasting, collaborative relationships with communities, they increase access to quality education and positively impact students and parents in high-need communities throughout Laos, Ghana and Guatemala. Pencils of promise identify the lack of quality educational infrastructure in each country as a barrier to a quality education and have been building schools since 2009. At present there is 14 upcoming builds, 36 ongoing builds, and 160 completed schools; a level of impact that speaks for itself. The Pencil of Promise goal is to have 500 schools by the end of 2015, something which Global Relief Initiative is proud to support. For more information please visit